The World in Your Hands

Date: 9 October 2021

At Translation Assist we put the world in your hands through our variety of services that enable you to accurately communicate in any language to any people group in the world.

Language is an important tool in our everyday life. Communicating our ideas is important in expressing emotions, creating change and flow of information. It ties us to everyone, forming friendships and business relationships.

Translation services are vital to keeping this connection strong between individuals and ensuring that there are no miscommunication barriers. You can be confident that through our translation services, you will have interpreters highly capable of translating whether it is orally or through a document.

No matter the time of day, or day of the year, no project is too big or too small for Translation Assist, all in the quality that you have come to know and trust from our translation and localization services.

Translation Assist looks at the individual needs of each client and tailor-make a translation package to suit your needs. We offer packages to suit any budget, any time-constraints, in any language.
Thousands of customers have experienced how we assist, best.

We do this by offering an unrivalled quality of service:
• Trusted Quality
• Tailor-Made Services (tailored to your businesses exact requirements and budget)
• Supporting all Languages
• Fast, Reliable and Professional
• Best Industry Pricing (try us – you won’t be disappointed)
• Native Speaking Translators (ensuring superior accuracy)
• Efficient Project Management (we take the hassle out of the translation process)
• Your Deadline is our Priority

We can assist you! Don’t let language barriers halt your growth – we are here to provide you with all of the assistance you require. With a wide variety of translation and media services, your businesses global expansion is made possible with us!

At Translation Assist we have provided our clients with:
• Translations in over 120 languages
• Over 10 000 000 words translated
• Over 1000 happy clients with a lengthy list of five star reviews

Our knowledgable and fired-up team can assist your business in reaching its global dreams.

Translation Assist began as the brainchild of two friends from South Africa when we realized the importance of words. We saw how a clear understanding between people can build a bridge of real connection, and how misunderstandings can cause division. With this in mind, the Translation Assist team sought to create a platform to help others connect, in business, in life, and in relationships.

And so Translation Assist was born from humble beginnings, and has grown to what it is today – a fledgling business with big corporate clients globally, and individuals as well – bringing together the world, understood.

We offer our clients the following services:
1. Translation Services:
• Document Translations
• Certified Translations
• Marketing Translations
• General Translations
2. Localization Services:
• Website Localization
• Mobile App Localization
• E-commerce Localization
• E-learning Localization
3. Transcription Services:
• Legal Transcription
• Medical Transcription
• Academic Transcription
• Business Meeting Transcription
4. Interpretation Services:
• Simultaneous Interpretation
• Consecutive Interpretation
• Remote Video Interpretation
5. Digital and Multimedia Services:
• Subtitling
• Closed Caption
• Audio Books
• Podcasts
6. Writing and Editing Services:
• Qualified Linguists
• Write and Translate Content
• Tailored for Your Brand


We assist you and your business every step of the way. We have made every step of the process as simple as possible for you to have the services you require executed in the most time effective
and cost effective manner. Our teams project management expertise ensure the stress and bother of managing a complex project is minimised, providing you with assistance with a difference.


We follow a simple and effective process in getting your project completed:
1. Quoting:
Our online quoting system provides you with quick and easy costing, tailored to your projects exact needs.
2. Translating:
With over 120 language options to choose from, our native language speakers ensure your translations are accurate and meaningful.
3. Editing:
After translating, our native language editors continue to work on your translations to copy check every word.
4. Localizing:
We provide translations that are not only accurate, but also localized to the region and area you are speaking too.
5. Project Management:
Our experienced client service team ensures your project is managed meticulously with fast lead times and accuracy.
At Translation Assist we have assisted multiple industries in creating the translations their business requires in order to communicate with people all over the world. Our clients span the
globe; from the United Kingdom to Spain; from Brazil to Germany; from Switzerland to Russia; from South Africa to Italy. Trust us to assist you best in creating accurate and meaningful
communication with your target market, anywhere in the world.


Our portfolio of industries we have assisted is as diverse as our global reach:
• Advertising and Marketing
• Gaming
• Media and Publishing
• Retail and E-commerce
• IT and Software
• Legal
• Tourism
• iGaming and Online Casino
• Education
• Finance and Crypto
• Manufacturing
• Engineering

We understand the importance of having accurate and timely translations for your project.

Translation services are vital to forming good bonds between groups from different countries. Our linguists have the experience and accreditations to ensure you have a good translation. With their capabilities, the interpreters provided by translation services can provide a clear translation in a timely manner and translate complex subjects.

Translation services can make sure you are properly understood and do not offend the country in which you are translating. This can ensure you are with interpreters you can trust and through them, you will be able to save money and time. Why not let our team of experts assist your business in creating the global reach you require to breathe life into new markets for your business?


Going Global

Date: 7 October 2021

There is irony in the statement that the world is getting smaller, as its growing in population.

However, despite its increasing numbers, the connectivity we now experience mean that it is also becoming more accessible to all – and thus has a smaller feel. This is largely due to the power of
the internet, social media platforms, increased global penetration of smart devices and widespread availability of wireless networks connecting us all to the internet.

Elon Musk is not just going to Mars; through his Starlink system he is also providing the world with even more accessible, high-speed, low latency broadband internet with his system of satellites built by his company SpaceX.

The internet has continued to transform how we connect with others, organize the flow of things, share information, interact socially and do business. Its growing influence on individual consumers and large economies alike has been one of the fastest uptakes seen in the world to date.

Connection to the internet has become an increasingly vital part of our day-to-day lives. In 2019, the number of internet users worldwide stood at 3.97 billion, this indicates that more than half of the global population is currently connected to the world wide web. Although the penetration is not uniform worldwide, with some countries and regions nearing the 100% penetration mark, and others as low as 7%.

“We live in an age of globalization,” says Harvard Business School Professor Forest Reinhardt, who teaches Global Business. “That is, national economies are ever more tightly connected with
one another than ever before.”

As of 2021, the following figures were released from Statista in terms of internet penetration and usage:
Number of internet users worldwide: 3.97 billion
Country with the biggest number of internet users: China (854 million users)
Region with the highest internet penetration rate: Northern Europe (with a 97% penetration)
The countries with the highest internet penetration rate (as of July 2021):
1. Denmark with 99%
2. United Arab Emirates with 99%
3. United Kingdom with 98%
4. South Korea with 98%
5. Sweden with 97%
6. Switzerland with 97%
7. Netherlands with 96%
8. Saudi Arabia with 95.7%
9. Germany with 95%
10. Canada with 95%

Conversely, the countries with the lowest internet penetration rates (as of January 2021):
1. North Korea with 0%
2. Eritrea with 6.9%
3. South Sudan with 8%
4. Comoros with 8.5%
5. Central African Republic with 11.4%
6. Somalia with 12.1%
7. Burundi with 13.3%
8. Niger with 13.6%
9. Kiribati with 14.6%
10. Liberia with 14.9%

So what is the importance in all of this? What we have found through this increase in internet penetration is a globalized approach to business.

What is globalization? Globalization is the increase in the flow of goods, services, capital, people, and ideas across international boundaries. As technology (namely internet penetration) and transportation have advanced, business has become increasingly global. Purposeful expansion has brought new jobs, customer audiences, and economic opportunity. A powerful force drives the world toward a converging commonality, and that force is technology.

Almost everyone, everywhere wants all the things they have heard about, seen, or experienced via these new technologies. This provides many opportunities for businesses to expand their reach globally and serve new markets. For instance, China has become the manufacturing epicentre of the world. India has become the worlds largest exporter of its IT-Services. While millions of companies worldwide are taking advantage of our new globalized approach to business, there are some potential problems and deterrents that businesses can face within this globalized approach.

The main deterrents have been defined as the following:
1. Language barriers
2. Cultural barriers (which hinder accurate communication)
3. Time Zone differences
4. Tax/Business Regulations
While we cannot assist you with the latter two, at Translation Assist, we have all of the resources and services to eliminate the first two barriers and provide your business with ease of communication into any market in the world.

Our translation services provide you with the services of native language speakers into over 120 languages across the world. We provide you with accurate, quality translations, transcriptions and
interpretations – provided by people and not machines. Our native speakers ensure that your translations are spot on, every time.
Our localization services ensure that our translations are not only accurate to the language of translation, but also localized to that region. Why is this important? Well German in Germany is
not the same as German in Switzerland or Austria. Likewise French in France is different to the French spoken in African countries.

We ensure that your translations are localized to the exact area you are speaking to, so that you are able to speak to your customer or supplier in the language and locale that works for them and
eliminate cultural anomalies that could occur otherwise.
At Translation Assist, we offer more than just quality, native speaking translations. We provide you with the best industry pricing for your project. Our services are tailored to your businesses needs and budgets. What’s more; we project manage the process for you, allowing for a smooth and seamless process.
Our website provides you with a quick and easy quoting system, and our consultants are always available to assist you with any questions you may have, to create an assisted experience that will
leave you adding to our already long list of five star reviews we have received from our clients.

Whether you are looking for:
• Translation Services
• Localization Services
• Multimedia and Digital Services
• Transcription Services
• Interpretation Services
• Writing and Editing Services
At Translation Assist we have perfect the solution for you!
Simply put; we assist, best.


The Power of Localizing

Date: 27 September 2021

While we all understand the concept and intention behind translating from one language to another, fine tuning these translations to be localized to the region you are targeting is often the difference between relating to your target market or missing the mark in your communication with them.

Within the English language itself, there are so many different variations and nuances within the way we use the language to express ourselves in different countries. The way a South African
communicates will be different to the vernacular of the British or American or Australian.

Trevor Noah once spoke of how he referred to his race group as “coloured” while on tour in the United Kingdom. He was met with shock and outrage from his audience. In South Africa the term
“coloured” is the popular and neutral term for “mixed race”, but in the United Kingdom it is an offensive and derogatory term. By not correctly localizing your translations, you can fall prey to not only missing valuable opportunities to reach your target audience, but also making these nuanced errors and causing offence.

As this blog is English based, let’s take a look at some of the diverse expressions and commonly used phraseology that are used in English speaking countries around the world.
The land down-under has a whole host of terms and phrases that are completely unique to them. Did you know the term “selfie” (which is now officially in the English language dictionary) came from Australia?
Here are some of our favourite vernacular from this vast continent:
1. Arvo: Afternoon. Australians love to abbreviate!
2. Ankle-biter: Child. This specifically refers to a small child only large enough to reach an adults ankle.
3. Bludger: A lazy person
4. Brolly: Umbrella. Yes again – another abbreviation!
5. Chuck a Sikkie: Taking a sick day. This is most commonly used when you aren’t actually sick but taking a sick day anyway.
6. Coppers: Police
7. Eksy: Cooler. Taken from the word Eskimo, this term refers to a cooler bag or cooler box.
8. Facey: Facebook. Yes – they really do like their abbreviations!
9. Milk bar: The corner shop. Ironically they do sell a lot more than just milk!
10. No wuckas: No worries. It really is a language of its own!

While England managed to colonize most of the countries that now speak English as their first language, England still have a lot of localized terms for things that the average English speaker would not understand. The UK has around 40 different dialects of English, each with their own accents and slang.
Here are some of favourite from the land of the Union Jack:
1. Barmy: Crazy. It’s barmy how many different dialects there are in the UK.
2. Buzzin’: Excited. You may be buzzin’ about the upcoming summer holidays.
3. Creps: Sneakers. To make things even more complicated, the Brits call them “trainers”
4. Dosh: Money.
5. Fag: Cigarette. An innocent term used in the UK, that could be considered very offensive in other english speaking countries.
6. Gaff: Home.
7. Gagging: Thirsty. We know the Brits love their beer. They are gagging for it.
8. Gordon Bennett!: An expression for surprise. Used as an alternative to “my goodness!”
9. Minted: Wealthy. Wouldn’t we all love to have this expression used to describe us.
10. Pigs Ear: A mess up. “You really made a pigs ear of that parking”

Many of the words, phrases and terms we use in English, have their origins in the USA. This is mainly due to the wide-spread viewing of American television series, documentaries and films watched world-wide. However, they still have a host of words that haven’t quite caught on yet in the rest of the world.
Here are some of the terms commonly used in the US, that leave the rest of us English speakers scratching our heads over:
1. Fire: Amazing. Those shoes are fire! Don’t worry, no need to call the fire department, the person making this statement just like your shoes.
2. Bet: Term of agreement. Taken from “you bet I do” – now just shortened to bet.
3. G.O.A.T: Greatest of all time.
4. Tea: Gossip: Taken from the term”spill the tea” if you are “bringing the tea” you are bringing the latest hot news.
5. What’s Good?: How are you. This certainly makes it sound like the person only wants to hear your good news. Maybe you should keep your sad stories to yourself when chatting to
someone who asks you this.
6. Drip: Extreme style.
7. Juiced: Eager. In this case you could be juiced about juice if you really are a fan of it.
8. Simp: People Pleaser. This term does have a derogatory sound to it.
9. Stan: A devoted fan.
10. Cap/Capping: To tell a lie. No capping here!

South Africa:
South African slang can be especially hard to understand for other English speakers. This is because there are 11 official languages in South Africa, and many of the slang terms used within the English language are taken from or derivatives of these other official languages spoken. South Africans tend to effortlessly reference these languages within their usually English speech – confusing tourists no end!
Here are some of the most common terms used within the Rainbow Nation:
1. Babbelas: Hangover. This word is derived from the Zulu term for hangover – ibhabhalazi.
2. Bliksem: To hit someone. This word is taken from Afrikaans, and can also be used as an expression of surprise.
3. Boerewors: Sausage. Literally meaning ‘farmer’s sausage’, this is a savory sausage and again derived from Afrikaans.
4. Braai: Barbecue
5. Hayibo!: To express something unbelievable. This word is taken from the Zulu language.
6. Sarmie: Sandwich. Just like the Aussies, the South Africans love their abbreviations.
7. Jol: Party. “We jolled hard at the braai last weekend”
8. Dala: Do. “Dala what you must” meaning – do what you have to is a very popular expression.
9. Dop: Alcoholic Beverage.
10. Just Now/Now Now: In a bit. “I’ll do it just now”
To speak to a person in not only their language, but also their vernacular is to truly communicate and resonate with them. As humans we are all most open to what we understand and relate too,
and for this reason localizing content and material is just as important as translating.
At Translation Assist we understand the importance of nuance and localizing, and this is why it is a pivotal part of our process. Whether you are a marketing company needing to reach your
audience on a colloquial level or a corporate needing to express your businesses terms in the best understood vernacular – we are here to assist.
At Translation Assist we enable you to reach the world with our range of Translation, Transcription, Localization, Interpretation, Writing and Editing and Digital and Multimedia services.
We offer our services in over 120 languages, using native speakers to do these translations, allowing you to reach whomever you wish to worldwide.
Our focus is on providing you with service excellence. Our services are tailor made to your requirements and budget – and we offer the best industry pricing available.
With over 10 000 happy customers, and over 1 000 000 words translated, you can trust us to provide you with translations that are accurate, fast, cost-effective and exactly to your
requirements, Furthermore our team of astute project managers will ensure the process is smooth, efficient and within the timeline you require.

Contact Translation Assist for a quick and easy no-obligations quote today.


The World is Getting Smaller

Date: 27 September 2021

This week Google is celebrating their 23rd birthday. This occasion highlights not only how for the past 23 year the world has been ditching the traditional elements previously used to find out information (such as encyclopaedias, libraries, text books, reference books and just asking mom) in favour of “Googling it”; but also 23 years of the world being brought even closer together.

While the official birthday of the internet is 1 January 1983 it was the creation of Google, which increased the ease of access to information within the internet, that really created this global community of online users. The later creation of social media, starting with Facebook (in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg) assisted further in creating a global society for all of us, where we could all connect not only to businesses, but also individuals and social groups from all around the world, from the comfort of our home, or wherever else we use our smartphones.

As of 2021 it is estimated that there are 4.66 billion active internet users worldwide, which equates to 59.5 percent of the global population. The internet now forms an integral aspect of both our business and personal lives. It is estimated that people spend on average 8.5 hours of their day online. That works out to 59 hours a week, or a whopping 128 days of our year. That is more than a third of our lives spent online. What does this mean for us as a society? It shows how online interactions, be it business, shopping or personal have become more and more so conducted online rather than in person. The world has become smaller. Accessing global reach has become standard practice and within all of our reach. As the world felt the effects of the Covid-19 global pandemic, the internet once again became the key tool used for businesses to continue in their internal and external communications and dealings. As globally we all sat in our respective homes, being told to “Stay Home and Save Lives” and as lockdown effected all of us; the internet took an even more prominent role not only in business, but in our personal lives too. Traditional cable television being replaced with Netflix, Hulu and Prime service offerings.
Covid-19 and its Lock Downs gave us global Netflix binges of Tiger King and Love is Blind, with the world sitting in their respective homes speculating on social media about the characters and their stories. Our conversations became more online based and we were all unified in this. But more so than that it changed the way we work together, allowing us in our remoteness, to become closer than ever.

So in the midst of a global pandemic, with the worlds health, talk of vaccines, heard immunity, and lock downs being front and centre in our daily communications; the world suddenly got a whole lot smaller.
As remote working became the norm, and businesses moved their operations online in a more rapid, dynamic and aggressive manner than we had ever seen before, we added to our “pandemic vocabulary” with phrases like “let’s Zoom” or “I’ve set up a Teams”. Suddenly businesses are employing their staff from countries all around the globe – with no expectation of relocation.
For many businesses, new markets have opened up to them as businesses and people have become more comfortable and au fait with working with colleagues, suppliers and clients on a global scale, where previously they may have been drawn to giving preference to local and situations where traditional face-to-face conversations and handshakes was the norm.

Most of us would not have guessed at the end of 2019 how vastly different our lives would have become in just 18 months and how quickly we would all have adapted to these new circumstances.
In the midst of a global pandemic, where death and economic hardships have been commonplace, we have seen some positive outcomes. Working within a global market has huge advantages for businesses and the people within those. But it does also does provide us all with a challenge. How do we reach these new audiences who often communicate in a different language, or a different vernacular to the one we are well versed in?
At Translation Assist we enable you to reach the world with our range of Translation, Transcription, Localization, Interpretation, Writing and Editing and Digital and Multimedia services. We offer our services in over 120 languages, allowing you to reach whomever you wish to worldwide. Furthermore our Localization services ensure you are not only speaking the right language, but also in the correct vernacular for the area you are targeting (see more about this in our next blog).
Our focus is on providing you with service excellence. Our team of experienced translators, writers and editors are all native speakers. And our team of copy checkers ensure the translations are of the highest quality. Our services are tailor made to your requirements and budget – and we offer the best industry pricing available.

With over 10 000 happy customers, and over 1 000 000 words translated, you can trust us to provide you with translations that are accurate, fast, cost-effective and exactly to your requirements, Furthermore our team of astute project managers will ensure the process is smooth, efficient and within the timeline you require.
As the world becomes increasingly closer and our businesses and personal reach becomes even more globally centric, don’t lose out on markets and people you can be speaking to and reaching because of language barriers.

Contact Translation Assist for a quick and easy no-obligations quote today.